Monday, 28 January 2013

Black Tribe Raiders


Well the new year has been and gone and things are starting to heat up in the Scrapyard!

From the Southern Badlands groups of Black Tribe marauders have been sneaking north into the Arid Rustlands and the Red Tribes territory to pinch valuable scrap. 

Thus far the most common robot encountered is the Crawler:

Black Tribe Crawler

The Crawler is a fairly basic robot, incapable of doing much more than sneaking around through scrap but in large numbers they can be rather unpleasant, especially as they defend themselves by discharging a powerful electric shock which is usually enough to discourage attackers.

I am actually midway through building a trio of these little fellows which I will be casting up for sale if anyones interested.

Over the coming week or so I hope to add more artwork and updates on the Black Tribe as well as pictures of some completed sculpts!
All the best!

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