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Red Tribe Identification Guide


Just a quick update! Theres lots of work going on behind the scenes at the moment both with rules and more importantly, the visuals for the Red Tribe. Although not quite finished yet, they give a general idea as to what the Red Tribe will be looking like and the final sculpts should match them quite closely

The Red Tribe inhabits the areas surrounding the Arid Rustlands and are obsessive builders and tinkerers. With large settlements based in the Rusted Mesa and Anvil Mesa, they have begun expanding south into the Arid Rustlands in search of rich patches of scrap and rare components. 

As with most of the tribes, they can be broken down into four broad categories, Leaders, Basic, Special and Big Guy.


The driving force behind the Red Tribe, these are the masters of the Forges that sit in the centre of any Red Tribe settlement, the Reds leaders are talented engineers, smiths and masters of the art of invention.


The Vulcan is generally the leader of any expedition, just as they are the head honchos in the forges. They are barrel chested and have hugely powerful arms, which they put to good effect while wielding their forge hammers. 


The Tinker is an expert in fixing just about anything and bodging together weapons and equipment from whatever they have to hand 

Basic Robots

The vast majority of the Red Tribe is made up of the lowly Forgebot, a low class robot who spend much of their time working in the forges or acting as bearers on expeditions, likewise the more specialist warrior classes of Forge Guard and Lancer are still fairly common sights amongst most expeditions or loafing around settlements looking tough.


The core of any Red Tribe force is the lowly Forgebot. Armed with not much more than a hammer and occasionally a scrap pistol and their wits, they usually operate the forges and blacksmithing around the settlement but also take part in expeditions. Like all Reds they are obsessive tinkerers so will often have unique additions to their casings, weaponry or even accoutrements, be it cool looking goggles or custom gauges.

Forge Guard

Forge Guard are a slightly more advanced model of robot that stands slightly larger than Forgebots. They are heavily armoured and wield all manner of interesting weapons, be it spears or firepikes. They are not the most fast moving of robots but rely on their armour to defend them as they trundle forward.


Lancers are a kind of knight of the Red Tribes, they are bulky bodied but slim limbed with wheels built into their heels that allow them to move with surprising speed. Their heads are fashioned to look like a stylized knights helm and they are armed with powerful lances and crushing hammers for close up work. Some specialize in ranged firefights and are armed with long guns but are very rare and seen as rather unsporting by their brethren.

Special Robots

Some robots have more specialised uses than their kin and as such a niche place within the Tribe and any expedition.


The Thunderchief is the Red Tribes specialist at ranged combat. Built with a sturdy frame and rotund belly, these portly robots are armed with a pair of arm cannon, which it uses to fire volleys of red hot shot quite a distance. 


These are the assault robots of the Red Tribe and are totally unhinged and obsessed pyromaniacs. They scuttle forward with a fuel tank strapped to their backs and wielding a heavy flamethrower, which has an unfortunate habit of exploding spectacularly whenever hit making them as much of a hazard to their own side as to the enemy.

Big Guys

Big Guys get their name for the fact that they are so much bigger than the other robots in their tribe. They are the heavy hitters and capable of taking considerable amounts of damage.


The Forgesmith is a massive robot armed with a pair of heavy hammers. He usually spends his time in the forges around the Scrapyard but from time to time will venture out if hired by a particularly enterprising chief. He's badly battered and chipped and has riveted and welded extra protection to his frame to make him even tougher.  


The Warpath is a rather feisty big guy with a pair of crushing fists which he is mor Ethan happy to put to use. His real strength comes from having a pair of fuel tanks mounted on his back. From these a set of fuel lines attach direct to his power plant giving him a tremendous burst of speed allowing him to hurtle around at quite a pace. He can also blast fuel out nozzles on his forearms which effectively provide him with a pair of built in flamethrowers.

Hopefully this will give some insight into what the Reds are going to look like. I still need to sort out lots more stuff but thought I would share what I have done thus far as a bit of a thank you for all the support I've been getting!

All the best!

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  1. It would be interesting to see how the more warlike robots (Lancers, Thunderchief, Fireking, & Warpath) fit into everyday red tribe society. Could you give us a little more background on how red tribe society works please?