Sunday, 7 April 2013

Stirrings from the Scrapyard


Well its been an interesting few weeks here. Theres been some really encouraging feedback on Rusty Robots thus far and its high time I kicked things up a few gears and got myself moving on turning my somewhat vague idea into a reality.

Its been over three years since the first Rusty Robot rolled off the production line and things have changed quite a lot since then!

King Raam

King Raam stands over 14 inches tall and is made from all manner of bits and bobs and was created as part of a university project. From this initial idea spawned a number of variations, firstly in size then in style and colour.

 Wartorn Planter


Most of these robots found a new home with clients after being exhibited in such exciting places as Aardman, Comicon London and even my old University but the more I made, the more I began to think about what a world inhabited by them would be like and over the coming years I have spent quite a bit of time off and on developing ideas, sketches and assorted gubbins for the little fellows but its only been in the last few months that things have really begun to progress.

Firstly I have decided to drop the scale to roughly 30mm, allowing me to indulge in both my job as a sculptor and hobby as a wargamer to begin work on creating a host of robots to play around with. 

Red Tribe Test Pieces

As already mentioned, the feedback from these pieces has been really heartening but they are only rough test sculpts to get me started. I am slowly building robots for each of the six great tribes that inhabit The Scrapyard and am planning on casting and even selling them once I have them all done!
This is quite a big task, very much more than I had imagined, especially as I also have a full time job these days but I have really enjoyed working on them and people seem to respond well to them too which is great. 

Unlike so many of the figures companies out there, I don't use a piece of computer software to digitally sculpt them, instead relying on traditional techniques which I strongly believe results in a sculpt with far more character and personality than the perfection of CG. 

The plan is to get a checklist of robots completed and ready to go over the coming months and I am also hoping to have a ruleset to go with them so people can have fun playing games and campaigns of metallic destruction featuring the sculpts too! 

Heres a list of what I need to sculpt for the release to give you an idea of the mammoth task I have set myself:

Red Tribe

Forgebot x2

Blue Tribe

Buccaneers x2
Davy Jones

Yellow Tribe

Toxbot x2
Sludge Stalker

Green Tribe

Forest King
Tribesbot x2

Black Tribe

Head Honcho
Minions x2 (DONE!)

White Tribe

Groundpounder x2
Lightning Bolt

This will be the initial release for each of the tribes and will feature one leader model, two basic robots and a specialist which should be enough to get folks going with. There is, however, background and rough designs for two more basic designs, two more specialists, two big guys and another leader choice for each tribe, not to mention lots of other bits and bobs but my current target is to get the first 24 sculpts done by June, and get the moulds made and casting underway soon after. 

I also need to get a literal ton of background, artwork and assorted bits and bobs put together too but will try to keep things ticking over here with regular updates too and hope to bring news of a ruleset in the works soon too!

As you can see, I have lots to do but if anyone has any suggestions of robot types, tribes or anything else they would like to see, please feel free to drop us a line and I shall see what I can come up with!
All the best!

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  1. I want them all, well except the humanoid Mechanic like guy. Too human sadly.

    Keep hearing "Nuts nuts nuts -nuts n bolts, bolts n nuts.." from that epic French robot sci fi cartoon of the eighties.

    I dare not suggest anything other than to not dilute your original style