The Scrapyard

Far off in a long forgotten corner of the galaxy lies the planet known simply as The Scrapyard. Once it was the dumping ground for many civilisations unwanted rubbish and great starships would navigate the great stellar expanses to deposit the detritus of a thousand cultures on its surface.

Eventually the planet was covered many miles deep in trash, its ecosystem irrevocably damaged, its land masses buried and its seas terribly choked and polluted and the ships stopped coming but despite everything, life has clung on. 

Amongst all the rubbish, many old and obsolete robots were deposited in the scrapyard, replaced by newer and shinier models, these relics of a time past were expected to simply rust away but many of them were still functional and over the centuries since their abandonment, have made The Scrapyard their home. 

Settlements and unique cultures have developed and AIs have evolved far from their original programming and a strange sort of life thrives in a world once thought dead. Artificial it may be but it is still life and the many robots who live amongst the junk form a kind of ecosystem unlike any other.

Like any society, there is a fair amount of squabbling and over the centuries many different tribes have formed, each specialising in a different field of endeavor. Likewise many robotic species of animals for want of a better term also have developed resulting in a truly fascinating world .

This is the world of Rusty Robots!

Arid Rustlands

The Arid Rustlands is a vast, dry and above all rusty area that covers much of the South Eastern area of the Scrapyard. The scrap here has been piled into blocky mesas and the land underfoot consists of vast sheets of metal interspaced with patches of red sand. 

There are many small settlements dotted around the Rustlands, be it Scrapgrazer Steer ranches, mining camps or wild Red Robot teepee dwellings. Although the Rustlands may appear quite barren, these settlements are thriving and the frontier is constantly being pushed back by intrepid exploration parties.

Red River

The Red River is a broad and slow running river that flows from somewhere in the unexplored South in a North Westerly direction before joining the Sump Sea. It is a dull and rusty red colour having picked up countless tons of iron rust on its journey. Many robots make a living panning for valuable elements that are carried downstream by this mighty river and can be very protective of their claims.

Sundered Desert

In the centre of the Arid Redlands lies the Sundered Desert, a huge expanse of cracked and jagged rock formations interspersed with towering piles of scrap. It is an unforgiving place to visit and only the most hardy adventurers explore its labyrinthine canyons for rare scrap. Those who do tell stories of an entire city buried in its centre. In actual fact this city is the long abandoned ruins of one of the original settlements of the planet whose inhabitants abandoned it after rubbish buried the entire city. 

The Southern Badlands

A wild and lawless place, the Southern Badlands have a well earned bad reputation and is populated by the more unsavoury elements of robotic society. It is often enveloped in smog and smoke from the great automated junk processing plants that still operate in its depths. 

The Sump Sea

Once a beautiful blue, the Sump sea has taken thousands of years of pollution and now is a turgid greenish blue and choked with rubbish. While this environment is deadly to most lifeforms, robots have evolved to live in it, feeding on the scrap and pollution and the sea now teems with robotic life from the tiniest algae bot to the mighty Ironwhales. Likewise the countless floating islands that drift across its surface are also inhabited by all manner of robots who survive by fishing and salvaging useful gear from the depths. 

The Tox Barrel

The Tox Barrel got its name by being the main depository of toxic and otherwise harmful waste in the Scrapyard. It is a difficult and dangerous place to live in with caustic pools, acid rain and all manner of foul chemical spills. Despite this the Tox Barrel has a thriving community who purify the chemical ooze for re-use and export to other areas of the Scrapyard.

Caustic Canyon

The outflow from the Tox Barrel is called the Caustic Canyon as the polluted water has eaten into the surface of the planet digging a deep trench which leads to the Sump Sea. Despite all this pollution, it provides much needed nutrients for the inhabitants of the Sump Sea.

The Pipe Forest

Lying to the West of the Tox Barrel lies the fantastic Pipe Forest. a massive stretch of the scrapyard that has been inhabited by a strange sort of robot known as the Pipe Tree. They live by grounding themselves in earth and filtering water from the air down into the ground through their trunklike bodies. No one is quite sure how they evolved but it is believed they were originally designed for terraforming.

The forest itself is a strange place with the huge Pipe Trees slowly swaying in the breeze and many strange robots have developed to live within this strange environment. Sadly the Pipe trees tend to migrate around quite a lot so finding ones way in the forest is very difficult.

The Lost Lands

Lying to the North of the Sump Sea and West of the Pipe Forest lies the Lost Lands. This marks the borders of the explored areas of the Scrapyard and few have thus far ventured into its interior. It is a mountainous land formed from titanic mounds of scrap with a few isolated valleys sheltering small settlements of miners who traveled to the Lost Lands to dig for new scrap and metal deposits. 

Unlike most of the Scrapyard, the Lost Lands has begun to see the return of vegetation and much of it is covered in a thick layer of grass and even the occasional hardy flower. Fed by several rivers the land is slowly turning into a more habitable region.

Lone Pond

The Lone Pond is an anomaly in the Scrapyard as it is one of the few areas where clean water can be found in any great quantity. Unlike so many of the other bodies of water in the region which have been badly polluted, the Lone Pond is a tranquil and clean place where some of the more ecologically minded robots have set up a sort of industry to clean up the rest of the Scrapyard.

Verdigris Lands

Lying to the North West of the Lost Lands are the unexplored Verdigris Lands, a wild and twisted forest of brass piping that extends far into the North. It is from here that much of the Lone Ponds water comes, filtered through countless pipes to clean it and make it pure from the grubby polar icecap. 

Like the Lost Lands, The Verdigris Lands has seen some evidence of natural vegetation forming mostly in the form of moss and fungus which thrives in the damp conditions.

Wilde Thickets

To the North, the mighty scrapheaps have been covered in a tangle of huge brambles and scrubby trees which have been dubbed the Wilde Thickets. Robots who venture into its depths are often transformed in some way, emerging from its depths with grass or even trees growing out of them. It is suggested that the vegetation here has evolved the ability to move to new locations by hitching a ride on passing robots before settling in a new home. Whether this is true or not nobody really knows but it may explain the gradual spread of vegetation into the Lost Lands.

Wreck Valley

Situated in the Eastern region of the Scrapyard, Wreck Valley was a dumping ground for spaceships. Lined up for miles lie the rusted remains of these once proud spacers from the smallest space yacht to the mightiest transport. It is a widely held belief amongst the robots who inhabit the Scrapyard that they came from these ships in the long distant past and many an expedition has been sent to explore the valley for signs of their early ancestors.

Unbeknownst to most, there are a few ancients living there, the ships computers are vast and ancient and powerful and many still have power supplies allowing them to interact with the ships robots and there is a bitter range war going on in the region over usable parts as these ancient computers attempt to get their ships fitted and running again so they can once more ply the depths of space.

Rusted Mesa

Forming an unbroken plateaux that runs for hundreds of miles from East to West lies the Rusted Mesa, the compacted junk of millennia forming a huge cliff that overlooks the Arid Rustlands to the South.

This massive structure has its own microclimate and warm air coming from the South often rises up its walls to meet colder air from the North resulting in impressive electrical storms and dreaded twisters making living there rather an adventure in its own right. Typically robots being a practical lot have indeed settled into the cliff face and setting out special lightning rods, wind turbines and other strange machines to harvest the energy formed by these storms which can then be used to create much needed batteries to keep robots functioning.

Unexplored Scraplands

While much of the planet is unexplored, there is a region lying between the Tox Barrel and Wreck Valley that has thus far been mostly unvisited by explorers. In recent years a few hardy pioneers have ventured into it and found huge amounts of pristine scrap so no doubt there will be a rush to settle it soon. Sadly for these prospective settlers, they must brave the dangers of many wild and dangerous robotic species before they can claim the land as their own.

The Great Crater

At some point in the distant past a meteor fell into the Scrapyard causing a gigantic crater to be formed. The meteor shattered on impact scattering the region with rare metals before the passing years buried it in the depths of the Great Crater. A salvage team of robots recently explored into the crater and found a plethora of elements that were unobtainable in the rest of the Scrapyard. Now the Crater Mine has been built to dig as much of this rare treasure out as possible. A great iron elevator has been constructed on the wall of the crater allowing the work crews to get down and ore to come up and a thriving mining colony has grown up around the edge.