The Robot Tribes

Over the centuries, obsolete robots and AI's from countless planets have been dumped on the Scrapyard and have formed a strange and remarkable civilisation of their own amongst the waste.

At present there are five large tribes who occupy different niches within the Scrapyard, each with their own quirks and motivations, some of which make no sense whatsoever but as long as they are happy thats all that matters.

The Reds

Red Tribe Scrapbot

Living primarily in the Rusted Mesa and Anvil Mesa, a region of rusted metal surrounding the Arid Rustlands, the Reds specialise in building things and industry. Wherever they go they build fortified Forge Towns, vast workshops and forges surrounded by the shanties of the Red workers. 

These settlements can be seen for miles around as their chimneys belch black smoke into the air and the surrounding area has been stripped of all scrap as it is fed into the endlessly hungry forges to be turned into everything from lug nuts to vehicles, weapons and robot shells.

From these settlements the Reds send out expeditions to find new areas to exploit or particularly rare metals or materials. These expeditions range from small parties of Scrapbots up to large armoured caravans which trundle across the land and supported by a sizable force of guards.

The Reds have a real affinity to fire and many of their weapons rely on fire based attacks, be it black powder hand cannons or heavy flame throwers, the Reds are a force to be reckoned with.

The Blues

Blue Tribe Privateer

At some point in the distant past one of the robots deposited on the Scrapyard found a pile of old Errol Flynn movies and became obsessed with living as a swashbuckling doer of daring deeds and a lust for buried treasure and the idea soon caught on resulting in the Blues. 

Living in floating islands on the heavily polluted Sump Sea, they launch raids excursions into most of the surrounding areas and cause quite a nuisance to the other tribes as they tend to plunder rather indiscriminately. Some of the robots have spent so long at sea that they have become infested with barnacles and other nautical creatures giving them a decidedly unusual appearance, especially when coupled with their idea of what a pirate should look like with impressive hats (big feathers guaranteed), shiny buckles and lots of fake beards.

The Blues tend to want to get stuck in to close combat as quickly as possible and swash their buckle as impressively as possible so most will be armed to the teeth with swords, harpoons and pistols.

The Yellows

Yellow Tribe Toxbot

It takes a special sort of a robot to survive in the toxic atmosphere of the Tox Barrel and the Caustic Canyon but as with all parts of the Scrapyard, life flourishes even here. The Yellows are a particularly thick skinned lot who make a living by operating amongst the miasma of the Barrel distilling useful chemicals from the sludge and mining for all manner of unusual bits and bobs in places that most sane robots would fear to tread. 

In appearance the Yellows tend towards being somewhat more heavily armoured than the other tribes and slower moving but are very difficult to damage. Their favoured method of defending themselves involves using all sorts of dangerous chemicals in chem sprayers, acid bombs and radioactive bullets. 

The Greens

Green Tribe Plantbot

Perhaps the most unusual of the tribes are the Greens, robots who have spent time amongst the Wilde Thickets and Verdigris lands. The vegetation of the Scrapyard has had to develop new ways of surviving amongst the wastelands and the favoured choice has been to latch onto robots and grow into them. The Greens dont seem to mind this parasitical behaviour as they seem to have formed a real bond with the trees and spend their time trying to encourage the forests to grow and spread.

Most Greens will look like a mobile garden, covered in moss and grass and often with some sort of tree or shrub growing out of them. Generally not a warlike lot they will fight to defend their forests and will use all manner of clubs, natural vegetation and even wild creatures in combat.

The Whites

White Tribe Jetbot

The Whites are one of the enigmas of the Scrapyard and amongst the smallest of the tribes. They live in floating towns which drift high amongst the clouds of the world. They operate atmospheric scrubbers which powers their settlements, pulling all the pollution of the world in and converting it to energy and as such they are amongst the most technologically advanced of the tribes. 

Many of the Whites can fly, either with jetpacks or more eclectic devices and from time to time they will descend to the surface in search of materials. In order to defend themselves from the locals they use lasers, and other energy weapons to fend off the more curious or dangerous types.

Lesser Tribes

Unknown Tribe Bumblebot

There are countless other small tribes operating in the endless jumble of the scrapyard, each with their own colour schemes and ways of life and as the Scrapyard is explored more of these fascinating peoples will no doubt be found.

Wild Robots

Wild Reliquarybot

Not all robots who live in the Scrapyard are civilised, the damaged, malfunctioning or just downright bad band can be found all over the place, many are harmless eccentrics but equally so some reach almost legendary status such as the Thunderchook, General Slaughter and the Killdozer. Some operate individually, living in a region and terrorising the locals while others band together to cause as much mischief as possible before the tribes manage to raise a powerful enough force to stop them. 

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  1. Wow, your work is just amazing. I love your stile, and your robots look fantastic! I'm making a graphic design project in school. I found a good background, and I was thinking what I wanted to put in it. The background was an overgrown square, so I figure, rusty robots would apply. I searched it, and I found your wonderful work! Now I have decided to base my whole poster on your little robots! I'd be happy to send my poster to you when done! Keep up the great work. Just an idea, make a purple and aquamarine clan!