Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A World of Robots?


I thought I would spend a bit of time explaining what I am doing with this blog!

I have an obsession with drawing and sculpting tiny rusty robots and have become enthralled with the sheer amount of character the little fellows have and it got me to wondering what a world inhabited by them would be like. Would they stick to their programming or develop new personalities of their own or even evolve?

Soon I started designing a world of scrap where obsolete robots were abandoned in the long forgotten past and over the years turned this rather unforgiving world they found themselves in into an approximation of a pleasant place to live. The planet can now be seen as almost an early version of ours but almost all of its inhabitants are robots, be it mighty Pipe Trees, Rivetback Bison or the more humanistic robots themselves!

In following posts I will concentrate on the inhabitants a bit more and cover what passes for ecology on the planet too!

All the best!