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Progress Report


You may have noticed the shiny new header I have put up for Rusty Robots. I've been meaning to give the blog a proper header for ages and my new burst of painting works has seen me furiously developing some of the ideas that I sketched out almost a decade ago!

Rusty Robots
I must admit that this is still a bit of a work in progress as there will eventually be a bit of a background to the piece but couldn't resist posting it up anyway!
In other news, I have been working on some Red Tribe artwork too:
Red Tribe Scrapbot
I plan on posting up some articles over the coming weeks of each of the tribes as well as a guide to assorted locations around the scrapyard but am producing colour artwork for each which looks way nicer than some of the black and white sketches I've posted previously.
Hopefully I will have a decent map done soon too so folks can have a decent idea of the geography of The Scrapyard too so watch this space!
All the best!

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