Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Terror of Thunder Chook!

Amongst the many strange robotic creatures that inhabits the Scrapyard, none are so feared as the deadly Thunder Chook!

Thunder Chook!

Standing several metres tall this deadly chicken will attack any robot unfortunate to stray into their territory. Any unfortunate enough to be caught by this mighty beast will be taken to its nest and sat on in the vain hope that they might hatch (sadly Thunder Chooks are really quite stupid and believe any robots they see are actually eggs)

Sadly the weight of a fully fledged Thunder Chook will squash most robots flat leaving a confused bird sat on a pancake of crushed robot...

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Reds Part 1

The Reds are one of the five tribes which make up what passes for civilisation in the Scrapyard and are usually found in areas where metalwork is taking place. Adept at fixing machinery, the Reds are highly respected for their mechanical expertise and Red settlements such as Forge Town have sprung up all over as the Reds continue the endless process of smelting scrap into new and more useful stuff or forging weapons, vehicles and all manner of interesting bits and bobs.

Each tribe has its own way of fighting and the Reds are no different and heavily rely on fire based weaponry such as flame throwers and welding torches as can be seen below:


They also tend to be rather good at close combat, fielding hammer wielding forge workers, pugilists and other rough and ready individuals who dont mind a good scrap. They often fasten single shot flamers onto their close combat weapons to give their opponents a bit of a shock.

The typical Red can be identified by its paint scheme which invariably contains at least some red elements. When coupled with fashionable metal groin guards and trendy steampunk goggles they are an easily recognisable force!

Red Supply Convoy

Many Reds are hired as guards to the convoys that travel across the Scrapyard transporting everything from fresh scrap to coal or machine parts between settlements. As bandits are quite a common occurrence in the Scrapyard, not to mention other tribes trying it on, its often well worth the expense of hiring some good guards and many a convoy has been saved by Reds demented fire based style of combat.

Red Expedition

The Red Forgemasters who lead the tribe will also dispatch expeditions of Reds into the Scrapyard if they are after rare or unusual stuff and these hardy sorts can often be seen rummaging around in a particularly interesting pile of scrap.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Settlements of the Scrapyard


I've spent some time sketching out some typical settlements in the Scrapyard and thought I would post the pictures here:

First up theres Forge Town, a settlement run by the Reds. Situated on Anvil Mesa on the shore of the Sump Sea, Forge Town is a junk recycling centre specialising in producing new metal components be it weapons, robot hulls or vehicle parts.

 Forge Town

Protected by sturdy walls, Forge Town is surrounded by large piles of rusting scrap, unused waste from the surrounding mesa mines awaiting being fed into the ever hungry forges that give the town its name. Many an adventurer has started their career by prospecting in the junk for useful parts to trade with the towns Red Forgemaster.

Great chimneys chuff sooty smoke into the atmosphere which can be seen for many miles making Forge Town a landmark. Although the other tribes are tolerated in the town itself in small numbers, the Reds who occupy it make sure theres not too much shenanigans within the town limits.

Next up theres a typical Outland Homestead. Outland refers to anywhere in the Scrapyard that isn't a fairly major settlement and in this case the robots have welded together some old storage containers and turned them into a fairly habitable home.

Outland Homestead

The Scrapyard is littered with such small settlements as its inhabitants go about their lives scavenging the scrap, raising robochooks or raiding their neighbours!