Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Stirrings From the Scrapyard


Well it's been a long journey but I've almost got the full background written up for the world of Rusty Robots and have begun work on fleshing out the look of the world and it's denizens but I'm currently mid house move so updates will continue at a glacial rate for the time being but this will hopefully change in the next month or two as I get my dedicated art space sorted out and begin work on drawing, painting and sculpting!

Blue Tribe Broadside Big Guy

As I pack, move and shift stuff, I am constantly finding more artwork, scribbles and even sculpts that have sat for the last few years but I hope that the new place will result in all manner of interesting developments for the little robotic types who at times have dominated my life (not to mention every piece of paper I have!)

Trade Envoy

It's taken me eight years to get to this place but I plan on having the first couple of tribes sculpted and painted within the next two months. Before folks ask, this is purely for my own enjoyment and I have no plans at present to make the figures available for purchase. 

Who knows what the future holds, but at present, I just want to enjoy sculpting and painting wacky little robots and writing about their adventures!

All the best!

Black Tribe Gunbot

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