Thursday, 20 April 2017

A World of Robots?

Welcome to Rusty Robots!

King Raam

I sculpted my first Rusty Robot, King Raam as an experiment whilst at university about eight years ago and fell in love with the simplicity and charm of the figure. Over the next few years, I produced a whole selection of the little guys in various styles and colours and slowly began imagining the sort of world that they might live in.

Robot Collection 1

Thus was The Scrapyard born. A long forgotten planet in an unfashionable corner of the galaxy that was used as a sort of planetary tip by spaces supposedly intelligent races. Littered amongst all the junk were lots of old and obsolete robots who, in typical robot fashion have explored and settled the world they find themselves in.

A typical day in The Scrapyard

Over the years, I've picked at the idea and originally started this blog several years ago with the idea of developing the world into something a bit more but sadly work and moving house and lots of other tedious things got in the way but I have kept scribbling notes, doodles and the odd sculpt and now think I have enough to make a proper start to the project.

Yes it will be a lot of work using lots of different techniques, be it sculpture, design, illustration, photography and even writing, I find myself drawn back to the world of Rusty Robots time and time again so hopefully I will be able to make a go of things this time round!

There's lots still to do as I slowly untangle almost a decade's worth of doodles and notes and try to put it into some sort of order but I shall see what I can do over the course of the coming weeks and this blog should start to transform into the collected exploration of The Scrapyard and it's fascinating inhabitants.

In the meantime, All the best!

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